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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  September 28, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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good morning, this is way too early, the show eliminated from playoff contention in mid-july. i'm glad you're up with us this morning. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me and let me know why you're awake. or you can do what ryan la van way does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best later in the show. the next 30 minutes is your cram session for this wednesday, september 27th. a lot to tell you about today including an odd public comment from the head of iran's navy saying that cup will send warships off the coast of the united states. we'll look into that. plus, rick perry as you may know struggled at times to express himself during last week's republican debate. we'll show you a new clip that helps sort through what some are calling the word salad. that's a bit later. but first let's get to the news. new jersey governor chris christie giving a highly
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anticipated speech at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. taking a few shots at president obama while praising the reagan presidency. it comes as call for christie to jump into the 2012 presidential race continue to grow in a speech that he called real american exceptionalism, governor christie show about the type of leadership he says america needs at this moment. >> the rule for effective governance is simple, the one ronald reagan knew by heart, the one he successfully employed with social security and the cold war. when there is a problem, you fix it. that's what you do. that's what he did. that's the job we've been sent to do and you cannot wait for someone else to do it when you're sitting in the oval office. what happened to state senator obama? when did he decide to become one of the dividers he spoke so
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eloquently of in 2004? there is, of course, a different choice. president obama prepares to divide our nation to achieve re-election. this is not a leadership style. this is a re-election strategy. >> after his scripted remark, governor christie ook questions from the audience during which he received a heartfelt plea from one woman to make a run for the presidency. >> i say this this from the bottom of my heart, for my daughter who is right here and my grandchildren who are at home. i know new jersey needs you, but i really implore you, i really do, and this isn't funny, i mean in with all my heart, we can't wait another four years to 2016. and i really implore you as a citizen of this country to please, sir, to reconsider. >> i hear exactly what you're saying and i feel the passion
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with which you say it. and it touches me. because i could tell you i'm just a kid from jersey who feels like i'm the luckiest guy in the world to have the opportunity that i have to it be the governor of my state. that heartfelt message you gave me is also not a reason for me to do it. that reason has to reside inside me. and so that's what i've said all along is i know without ever having met president reagan that he must felt deeply in his heart that he was called to that moment to lead our country. and so my answer to you is just this. i thank you for what you're saying. and i take it in and i'm listening to every word of it and feeling it, too. >> so he didn't say he wasn't running, but he did ask the audience to refer back to his earlier comments during which he has said, no, i'm not running. christie's brother, meanwhile, todd christie, also responded
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yesterday that growing drumbeat of calls for the governor to jump into the race. flat out denying that his brother will run for president. christy "say being i'm sure that he's not going to run. if he's lying to me, i'll be as stunned as i've ever been in my life. and new for something entirely different. joining us via skype, "time" magazine mark halperin, but not just any skype. mark halperin is aboard a delta flight somewhere over the united states, we suspect we shastern colorado. and, yes, he is in the lavatory of that flight. he was at the speech at the reagan library. mark, are you really in the can? >> i really am. it's a red eye flight and country want to bother my fellow passengers,s so i'm in the flying room,s also known as the lavatory. >> this is the greats at nbc rolling over right now. but let's start chris christie,
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how did he do? >> i thought the speech was well written and pretty well delivered, but it didn't answer the question. i was able to speak to the governor briefly afterwards and to his brother, and it's clear they didn't want to end the prospect of his running. some of the people close to him suggested he wanted the attention to the speech and the substance of the speech and therefore didn't want to overshadow that pie ruling out a campaign as he'll do eventually. on on the other hand,s's obvious based on my reporting that he's thinking -- he has thought about it at least. he has been more open to running than the clip of sound bites he wanted people to look at as demonstrated in the past. so i don't think he's going to run. my gut says he won't, but i think he passed up several opportunities to rule it out. >> i guess the question mark is what is he waiting for at this point some they've been calling for him to get in the race for weeks if not months. what is going to tip his
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decision one way or another? >> he does have on make it quick and they know that. there are two things. one is he is waiting to see if his heart changes. he's saying if my heart is not in it, i don't want to run. the other thing is there has been some due diligence. there has been consultation with people, key raise the money, would it be feasible to campaign in all these early states with the limited time available. there has been some of that that has gone on, but i think largely he's going to do the thing we've seen mario cuomo do and other candidates who were almost drafted into the race. he'll see if the spirit moves him to make this race. >> how does he see the republican field from your reporting, he looks at mitt romney, he looks at rick perry. does he see vulnerability in the way that many national republicans do? >> he does. and i think if anything, it's
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driven him into -- besides the pleading, according to people close to governor christie, this is not a group of people who he finds formidable as either nomination opponents or as general election candidates or maybe even presidents and to some extent he looks at this field including are beirick per says these can't be our candidates and i think again that has propelled him to have some interest in making this race. >> mark halperin never stops reporting even from inside the lavatory of a red eye flight from l.a. back to new york. mark halperin -- >> it's making nbc history, no doubt. >> i think it is. brokaw did just give us a pat on the back. mark inside the lavatory. mark tha mark, thanks so much. according to a new study,
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the average annual premium for family coverage through an employer is more than $15,000. that's up 9% from just last year and twice as much as the same coverage would have cost ten years ago. study suggests costs are riser faster than the u.s. wages. renewing debate over the impact of president obama's 2010 health care overhaul law. in response, the white house defended the law saying the kaiser report is informative but a look backwards. when we look to the future, we know the affordable health care act will help make insurance more affordable for families and businesses across the country. during a speech at stanford university yesterday, house budget committee chairman paul ryan reiterated his calls to repeal the administration's measure. >> badly designed government policies are to blame for much of what is wrong with health care today and the solution is clear. we need to transition from an open-ended defined benefit approach of the past to market oriented defined contribution
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reforms that promote choice and competition. >> ryan went on to tout the republican proposal which he says would improve care and bring down costs saying our plan is to empower patients, their plan is as to empower bureaucra bureaucrats. it has to be pointed out that most of components of president obama's health care law don't go into effect for a couple of years. turning to the tensions in the middle east. dat u.n. security council will formally consider the bid by abbas for official statehood recognition. it was last week when president obama stood with the israelis against the bid for statehood vowing the u.s. would veto the move during his speech before the u.n. general assembly. the president urged both sides to enter in direct negotiations for peace. now there are new headaches for the administration as israel announced yesterday plans to expand settlements in to the west bank. a move that now could derail any hope for further peace talks. a news conference with portugal's foreign minister
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yesterday, hillary clinton was critical of israel's planned expansion calling it counterproductive to the peace process. >> we have long urged both sides to avoid any kind of action which could undermine trust, including and perhaps most particularly in jerusalem. our focus must remain on working to convince the parties to return to direct negotiations. because in the absence of direct negotiations, nothing chain changes on the ground. if there are negotiationses that delineate borders, questions of where neb bui where anybody builds is settled. a top official in the iranian navy raised the prospect yesterday of sending his country's warships close to the east coast of the united states.
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the rear admiral was quoted as saying "like the arrogant powers that are present near our maritime borders, we will also have a fewerful presence close to american marine border hes. ." the threat stems from iran's anger at the proposed missile defense deal. the country sent warships to the suez canal, its first ever navy deployment in the mediterranean. the united states department of defense has had no comment husband far. still ahead, the boston red sox are alive as their season comes down to the last night of the season and could actually go to a one game playoff tomorrow. hang in there, boston fan. your boys aren't done yet. if it weren't for the red sox, we'd all be talking about the braves meltdown. they've fall en into a tie. baseball and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back.
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it's 2:45 in the morning in las vegas. 5:45 here in new york city where we get a check on weather from todd santos. good morning, todd. >> good morning. looks like a pretty decent morning for a few areas in the southeast, though we will be dealing with a chance for showers across the great lakes, back towards even d.c. this morning. some of those showers to the south. the area of low pressure in chicago and we'll still be dealing with showers many through even thursday and then friday and in to the weekend, we start to clear up. a look towards new york, some showers along i-80, also down towards d.c. you can see a few of those just on the doorstep. so as you're going outside, make
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sure you have an umbrella, rain coat. we'll start to see showers fading in later on today. as you're driving through pennsylvania, southern new jersey, may be dealing with sunglasses on and then switching back to headlights and wind she shield wipers. temperature-wise, 54 in pittsburgh. 70s across a good portion of the east coast, 69 here in myc. and this afternoon, clouds and showers. lower 70s and this afternoon, clouds and showers. lower 70s philly. d.c. showers and thunderstorms. and in morning joe, we'll take a look at the southeast and i-10. >> a lot of rain in the upper east coast. turning to sports. do or die time. in the a.l., rays and red sox tied for the final playoff spot. rays playing the i can't think could is down in tampa. rayses in a jam.
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yankees up 3-2, bases loaded. martin grounds to third. longoria steps on the bag. they turn a triple play. keep it a one run game. in the bottom of the seventh, matt joyce hit the line drive home run into the right field bleachers. the yankees lose to the rays. rays do their job winning 5-3. so with tampa bay's win, the red sox got to have the win or else they'll fall a game behind in the wild card race. taking on the orioles. top of the third. ellsbury continues his torrid hitting. a two run home run to right center field. in the next inning, how about this kid? this is rookie catcher ryan lavarnway. a three run home run to left. that's his first major league home run and one of two home runs in the game. the red sox take an 8-6 lead into the ninth thanks to
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lavarnway. that's when things got interesting. a single to start inning. the tying run is on base. next batter grounds out to the catcher. that scores hardy from third. so the tying run is on second. two outs. papelbon runs a 3-2 count against adam jones. jones grounds out to third to end the game. red sox squeak by with an 8-7 win. so with one game remaining in this season, boston and tampa bay tied for the wild card. tonight sox ace jon lester goes for boston and the rays have their best man on the hill, david price. s as they play the yankees. if about they remain tied after tonight, they'll have a one game playoff tomorrow in tampa. the braves are experiencing their own red sox style september free fall dropping nine of their last 11. last night they were home against the phillies.
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in the fifth, philly up four, hunter pence piles on. phillies rip the braves 7-1. and st. louis beat up on the astros in houston 13-6. so now we're tied in the national league, as well. atlanta has fallen all the way back to the cardinals who played great pbl over the last month. if there is a tied, there will be a one game playoff to decide the winner. the playoff in the national league would go in st. louis. coming up at the top of the hour here on christie answers qs about what's going on in his head. we'll it talk about the likelihood this morning of him jumping in. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler where rick perry's somewhat jumbled debate performance inspires some internet types to do a little bit of lip reading. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station?
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we continue our look at america's schools with education nation. school choice is withone of the issues. recent data suggests more parents are opting for alternatives. if you want to sound smart, tell
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your friends are 19999 to 2009, the number of students enrolled in public charter schools more than tripled. the department of education reports there are about 5,000 charter schools in the country today. later we'll speak with one of the leading figures for the new york city charter school movement, founder and ceo of the harlem village academies. that's ahead on morning joe. let's huddle up around the water cooler as the country fixates on the guy not in the race. rick santorum out getting the job done, working the drive through at a chick-fil-a in anderson, south carolina. good for him. is there any sandwich better? i submit no. >> have you ever worked fast food before? >> no. i was a locker room attendant and bartender in high school and college. so never done the fast food.
2:54 am
>> that is retail politics, holding a press kchconference te inside the chick-fil-a. go get them, rick. he said one of his weaknesses is for the peach milk shake and, boy, he was hanging on to that thing for dear life. during last week's republican debate, rick perry at times struggled to express himself. >> is this the mitt romney that was on the side of -- against the second amendment before he was before the second amendment? was it before he was before the social programs from the stand point of he was far standing out for roe vs. wade before he was against roe vs. wade? he was for race to the top. he's for obama care and now he's against it. >> this you have it.
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did you hear about this website bad lip they haven't taken his statements lightly. they give us a new take as they tried to lip read some of rick perry's work. >> eggs, doritos, cheesecake. see you. wash that smile off. now, i'm going to tell you something, now sit down. what's good is to get these goats for our computer industry. yeah, yeah. yeah. i cannot wait for a medieval cookie, hot yellow cokool-ai dc and save a pretty zell. >> i don't know why that's funny, but it is. they take his actual speeches and dub over new words. quickly want to point out andy rooney announcing yesterday his
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retirement from "60 minutes." what does a world look like without andy rooney at the end of the show on a sunday night? he's 92 years old. going to step away from the job he's been doing there at "60 minutes" since 1978. we wish andy rooney all the best. >> the singers i know have been replaced by performers like justin bieber, lady gaga, and usher. i mean who? i think of myself as a musical ignore ramus who doesn't hear or like the nuances of sound that other people hear and do like. i don't know who lady gaga is and kids todayramus who doesn't like the nuances of sound that other people hear and do like. i don't know who lady gaga is and kids today probably don't know who ella fitzgerald was. maybe we should call it even. it's 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. that's 1% cash back on oscar. ...tony. oscar! 2% back on whatever she'll eat. 3% back on filling up this baby.
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tennis instructor's daughter's 1st grade teacher who's also her mom. help fund breast cancer programs in your community. redeem your lids today we usually don't like to pat ourselves on the back, b we made television history this morning. >> we did it. there's a couple e-mails about it. gabriel writes i'm to i get a chance to watch the broadcast on television. what do you call this? flush technology. and peter writes, i'm waiting --


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